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  • Writer's pictureBrittany Kidd and Donna McMahon

Delivering Dental, Differently

Teaching Teeth is a digital dental education platform designed to aid in the oral health care of your children, in a freely accessible and easy to understand way.

The platform was created by two Adelaide Oral Health Therapists, Donna McMahon and Brittany Kidd, as a means to bring the dental setting to you. The duo met whilst studying their Bachelor of Oral Health at the University of Adelaide (2016) and have remained close friends ever since. In 2021 they each welcomed their first child and entered a new bond of friendship during motherhood. It was through the new parenting journey that Teaching Teeth was born. With 22 years of dental experience between them and an understanding of the challenges faced in motherhood and for children’s oral care, they aim to make preventative information more accessible than ever before.

The Teaching Teeth digital platform aims to provide dental education and preventative strategies in a relatable way to new parents.

“In today’s busy world, and with rising cost of living, we wanted preventive dental education to be accessible to new parents without them having to leave their home.”

The Teaching Teeth platform is designed for the ever-growing technology-savvy generation of new parents and this digital transformation is changing the way dentistry is traditionally delivered.

“We aim to bridge the gap between expecting and new parents and the dental industry. We hope Teaching Teeth can encourage preventative behaviours by providing education, that is easy to access and understand, and support to this population, whereas traditionally they may not access a dental professional at this time for various reasons.”

Teaching Teeth covers all aspects of oral health, spanning from prenatal care through infancy and early childhood. With topics ranging from parental oral health affecting newborns general health, early oral motor development and function, how, when and what to brush, oral hygiene for both mum and bubs, and what products we recommend using, when and why.

Good oral health starts well before the first tooth erupts and we want to educate new parents on this to help shape and change the oral health habits of the next generation.


Words: Brittany Kidd and Donna McMahon

Brittany & Donna are dentists who, after both welcoming their first children in 2021, had a new found awareness for the lack of dental information available for new and expecting parents. With 22 years of dental experience between them, their mission through Teaching Teeth is to make preventative knowledge more accessible than ever before through continuous education and support.


Originally published in Connected Caregiving Autumn 2023


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