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When Mish Became a Mum

Mish Ryan-Welsh is a photographer, influencer and business woman... and now Mum to beautiful Jiah (8 months). We spoke to Mish about her parenting journey so far and how she manages to juggle it all.

You’re a Mum and a businesswoman. How do you juggle it all?

With amazing support around me! Kirk (hubby) and I really share the parenting load together; we both run our businesses from home and we’ve got great routines that have been working really well for us. I’ve found that keeping ‘mum life’ and ‘work life’ very separate is really helpful; when I have my Mum hat on, I’m 100% present with my baby boy and, when it’s work time, I lock myself in my office and get what needs to be done, done! I’m also very thankful for my mum and dad, who are very involved in Jiah’s life and are there for us whenever we need - often at the drop of a hat!

How would you describe your parenting journey, so far?

Trusting my intuition, working as a team with hubby, strong coffee, a little less sleep, and so much LOVE! I feel SO lucky that Jiah is such a content and happy little boy. He has made my parenting journey easy and enjoyable. I go to bed exhausted, but wake up excited to do it all again.

What is the most important lesson motherhood has taught you?

To go with the flow!

Any advice for mums-to-be?

Take lots of photos; they grow and change SO quickly!

Accept help! I LOVE bringing Jiah to my parents place. Jiah loves it, his grandparents love it, and I get time to do a bit of work, tidy the house, or have a date night!

Follow your gut. Mother instinct is real. All the advice you receive from other mums, books, online, take it all with a grain of salt and implement the bits that are best for you and your bub.



Originally published in Connected Caregiving Winter 2022


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