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Who's behind Connected Caregiving Magazine?


Connected Caregiving magazine is produced by the Connect.Ed team. As parents and professionals with decades of collective experience in the early learning sector, we know early childhood.

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Kerra-Lee Wescombe
Publisher / Editor / Sales

Kerra-Lee is a Mama, first and foremost. In her spare time (LOL), she is also the Director at Connect.Ed.


Having worked with children for 10+ years, she has had a broad range of experience; initially providing therapeutic residential care for children and young people within the child protection system. She has since worked in a consulting role, supporting various early childhood education and care (ECEC) and Out of Hours School Care (OSHC) services to better understand children's behaviours.


After completing a handful of degrees in child development (including Psychology, Education and Therapeutic Child Play), the idea for Connected Caregiving magazine was born shortly after her son, Harlem. When speaking with other new parents, Kerra-Lee became aware that they were being overwhelmed with (often conflicting) information on parenting. The idea was to bridge the gap (ahem, connect) parents and the ECEC sector. Enter Connected Caregiving magazine... a FREE, reliable source of evidence-based information.


Kerra-Lee (clearly) values connection above everything else. Her work is strongly influenced by interpersonal neurobiology and she is passionate about supporting caregivers to develop meaningful relationships with children.

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Nicola Vozzo
Designer / Content Manager

Nicola currently works alongside Kerra-Lee at Connect.Ed. She is a jack-of-all-trades, working as a Child Development Mentor, Trainer and Provisional Play Therapist, as well as overseeing all marketing, graphic design and resource development.


Nicola's background is in Psychology, where she specialised in Infant Mental Health. She has been working with parents, families, ECEC Educators and teachers for almost a decade, sharing her knowledge on child development, child protection  as well as the importance of play and inclusion.


Her design background is somewhat new; born out of necessity while living overseas during the pandemic (and a very long lockdown). A second-hand iPad and YouTube tutorials meant a self-taught artist could find a creative outlet in a chaotic world. She began selling digital commissions to pay her rent (where there's a will, there's a way, right?) and the rest is history.


It's no surprise that Nicola believes that connection is the most important part of her work. Connected Caregiving is a way to connect ALL caregivers with  reliable information and support to help them do the most important job there is, raising our children.

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